Improved CX with Tawq: An advanced Voice Intelligence Platform

Every call center must listen to the feedback from its customers and understand what do they feel? They should also analyze how their agents are handling their customers and their issues. The best way to achieve improved CX and automate agent tracking is by using Voice Intelligence Platform  for accurate Transcription and Sentiment analytics within the system so you get highly intuitive reports and dashboards showing all these metrics.

It is our very own cloud-based, secured Platform that helps you to simply drop each of your pre-recorded calls and within minutes you get all these insights and several others.

Tawq Dashboard
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Increased customer lifetime value by improving Customer Experience, retaining more customers and repeat selling

Call centers try to understand customer’s perceptions or how do they feel about products and customer service. Sentiment Analysis capabilities of Tawq reports positive or negative sentiments directly from the call. No need for post-call surveys!

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Custom Google Action Development
Automate tracking of each call

Tawq allows you to track and analyze 100% of your calls without any hassle and allows you to check where the conversation went wrong.

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No Post-call surveys

Sentiment Analysis capabilities of Tawq reports positive or negative sentiments directly from the call. No need for post-call surveys!

Track KPIs easily

Easily identify sentiments from customer interaction and actions that affect business KPIs like conversions, up-sell & cross-sell, engagement and resolutions

End- to End Voice UX Design
First call resolution

You can also check how your agents handle the “First call” or how many times the same issue is being discussed with the same customer.

Smarter Actions
Up-sell & Cross-Sell

Word cloud to figure out topics/ products/ offers on which discussion happened and find possibilities of better sales

Support and Maintenance
Intuitive dashboards

Get quick insights to make informed decisions to improve your customer experience and retention.

America’s leading insurance provider gets voice analytics to improve agent performance and customer satisfaction.
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Identify Cross And Upsell Opportunities

Voice Intelligence Platform allow you to mine call data for discussions related to products, services, price, quality, location, and much more.


Understand your Popular products

Dig into the calls using Tawq’s features like the "Word Cloud" or even reports which show "Products/ offers'" mostly talked about.


The right solution at the right timee

Get quick information on the problem the customer is mentioning and offer them a solution at the right time.


Reduce hassle in sales

You get easy statistics and the window of cross-selling and up-sell other products.

Tawq Dashboards
Track 100 % of your customer calls

Automate your Agent Performance Scoring process

Each of your agents in your call center is valuable. You need to keep track of how they are interacting with your customers. It is difficult if done manually. The only solution to this is ‘automation’. Automate recording of 100% of your customer calls and get the ability to track everything on them like:

  • How an agent is responding to the calls or usage of polite words
  • Duration of silence when the call is going on
  • If the call was positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Whether the call was resolved, forwarded or denied
Retain and manage talented employees
Being the stakeholder at your call center, your goal is to have your employees solve every issue of your customer and get a 100% satisfaction rate.
Track Performance

With Tawq, you automate performance tracking of your agents without wasting much of your time and energy.

Focus on Trainings

You get more time to focus on developing training schedules for your agents and work on the areas where each one needs more coaching.

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