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What is Amazon Alexa?

We’re all familiar with Amazon’s Alexa, a voice-based, intelligent personal assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide capabilities or skills that enable users to create a more personalized experience.

What can Alexa do?

Alexa has been developed to do a variety of every day tasks like controlling a thermostat, ordering food, locating services, and more – all through Amazon speech to text technology.

How can Beyond Voice help you?

Beyond Voice’s team of experts can develop virtually any Alexa Skill application your business needs to streamline business processes and create new, dynamic experiences for your customers.

Alexa Skills Kit
Alexa Skills Kit

Provides many different API services documentation, tools, and programming languages that enable skills integration with Alexa.

Display Cards
Display Cards

Screen-based solution that shows visual content that syncs with voice responses generated by Alexa.


Alexa Voice Services support multiple languages that can assist with expanding your users base and potential future customers in a specific region.

Natural Voice Control
Natural Voice Control

Used with natural language understanding (NLU) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine to incorporate intelligent voice control into any connected device with a microphone and speaker.


Users can easily get notifications by asking, “Alexa, where are my notifications?” with custom skills from Alexa Skill Kit that are integrated into any product with AVS.

Smarter Actions
Smarter Actions

Perform smarter actions with Alexa thanks to frequent updates of APIs and the incorporation of custom skills into ASK.

We AnalyzeWe Analyze

We gather insights based on your thoughts and requirements, and our team will work on offerin g the best possible solutions for use case development.

We DesignWe Design

Our voice technology experts and design teams will collaborate on the initial wireframes to deliver the best solutions which include intents, utterances, and slots for a multitude of responses.

We DevelopWe Develop

Once the solutions are finalized, the development team takes over and develops the most suitable Alexa Skill and ensures it’s extensible and robust.

Alexa Custom App DevelopmentAlexa Custom App Development

We develop engaging voice experiences with our custom-made Alexa communication models. Our designers create conversational static designs which are then converted into dynamic ones using development standards.

Alexa for Home AutomationAlexa for Home Automation

Our Alexa Skill developers create smart home solutions that utilize conversational AI and integrate into existing smart home systems with Alexa.

Alexa for On-Demand AppsAlexa for On-Demand Apps

Ensure that your customers can schedule appointments, place orders, or call cabs with Alexa voice commands by voicing your on-demand mobile apps.

Amazon Pay IntegrationAmazon Pay Integration

Offer a convenient way to have users make payments with voice commands with the integration of Amazon Pay into your product.

Alexa StrategyAlexa Strategy

Our experts build solid voice search strategies for your business using the latest techniques around voice-based SEO, geotagging, and more.

VUI DesigningVUI Designing

Our voice designers create intuitive, intelligent designs that assist your customers with interacting with your device though Alexa.

Hire Alexa Skill Developers
Hire Alexa Skill Developers to Elevate Your Business Operations
  • Skilled in developing innovative, forward thinking voice-enable solutions
  • Experienced in the biggest voice technology trends such as IoT-based mobile app development
  • Proven experts in Amazon Alexa Skill development
  • Well-versed in comprehensive Amazon Alexa Skill integration
  • Harness the power of voice to accelerate business processes and improve customer experience
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Our Alexa Expertise
Amazon Developer
AWS Lambda
Alexa Voice Services

Get to market faster by incorporating AVS into your custom-built hardware devices.

Alexa Voice Services
Alexa Skill Kit

We create voice commands that work in tandem with Web Services or AWS Lambda functions.

Alexa Skill Kit
Alexa & Cloud Integration

We integrate Amazon Web Services with Azure Cloud Platform to meet your business goals.

Alexa & Cloud Integration